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It's apparent that several of the other reviewers were not using AlohaBob PC Relocator Ultra Control 2005 because this software definitely DOES allow you to choose which programs and files you want to migrate to your new PC. There are 3 modes. If you choose "automatic" then you won't be able to select which files you want to transfer but if you choose "smart rank" or "expert" you select only those files you want to transfer to your new system.\nThe other thing is that you need to read the directions firs...
I purchased this product because I did not want to have to be bothered with buying more licenses to be able to transfer info from one pc to another. This product uses serial numbers, so you never have to buy licenses.\nIt moved everything I needed beautifully. And it did it extremely fast.\nI will continue to purchase the updated versions of this product as they become available.
Good kids love it
I pruchased this software to move files and applications from my old PC to my new PC and it did not worked as advertised. I would recommend PC Mover instead.
Although this software is not for those with limited knowledge of computer systems, if you take your time and read all of the included documentation and utilize the online user guide and support site, you will save alot of time when migrating your programs, settings and files to a new PC. If you are running Windows XP and there are several user accounts defined, you will need to run the software for each user. Not all programs are migrated though, so be prepared to reinstall certain applications after al...
Mark Mayer
I had tried an older version of this program when it was first released, but I did not like it. The latest version however, is much better. It allows you to choose which programs to relocate. If you follow the directions, it works very well and saves lots of time. I think that some of the other reviewers were either using an older version or they just did not follow the directions properly. Or maybe some people expect too much. It will not relocate everything. If you try to relocate program that are not ...
I have attempted to use AlohaBob Ultra a couple times and had to revert to prior backups on each computer. My major problem seems to be the "name" of each computer. Which "name" needs to be the same; computer name, administrator name, "Computer description" or "Full Computer Name?" I even changed all user account names to be exactly the same, but still get error messages. I used a LAN connection each prior time and that took some time to conquer. Speed was good, but data was lost. I am going to try one m...
I purchased for a customer so I didn't get to use it.
Michael J. Golpe
I did NOT need it. I bought a new system with Windows XP SP2, it comes with this already...\nMicrosoft bought the company in 2005/6, so...\nXP SP2 and Vista come with it. All you need to buy is a USB cable.\nSome people have a need for it, those upgrading to Windows 98 or XP. If that is the case for you, then buy it from someone with the CD & cable. I was lucky enough to get it all myself, so it was so easy. However, I again stress...\nIf you are buying Windows XP SP2 or Vista, you DO NOT need this produ...
This software is an unmitigated disaster! It will transfer old programs, Windows settings, etc to your new computer (if you do not have any hidden unmovable files which the program will hang on), but the results on the new computer are terrible. Programs and setting on the new computer may or may not work. Some features work, others will not. The result is an unstable mess. You are better off relocating all of your programs manually. I understand that MicroSoft has purchased the company which produced th...
You will be a World Champion after you buy this one. It's great for all levels. The price is very reasonable. Check it out!
H. Scully
I bought PC Relocator Ultra Control because it's what they use at my local CompUSA. I'm certainly no tech-head, but PC Relocator Ultra Control worked pretty much fine for me, with the caveat that I needed to use some intuition to solve some glitches. Let me share some of the details of my experience, which hopefully will help you if you come across the same problems; or you can just scroll down to my bottom line.\nWhen you first run PC Relocator Ultra Control, it asks if you want to let it automatically ...